Best Practices

Best Practices

Habit of tree plantation in different occasions are done in the college campus and during admission of student they are also encouraged to plant by giving them relaxation in admission fee if they plant a tree plant within their self home campus.

  • Restriction of polyethene
  • Plantations
  • Recycling of waste product
  • Proper Garbage system
  • Rain water harvesting
  • Through NCC and NSS program Swactch Bharat mission programs are promoted

Best Practice 2018-2019

  1. PROMOTION OF ART ,LITERATURE AND OVERALL DEVELOPMENT : - Students are encouraged to raise their skill in creative writing through many literary activities. College has a literary forum among the teachers which organizes many events related to art and literature throughout the session such as art, recitation, reading prose, song, self- composed literature and essay writing competition. Every department has its own wall magazine where a lot of students of respective departments express their views and literary works. College Magazine also publishes seriously with the combined efforts of teachers and students. From Literary Forum a book published with the literary works of Teachers, with this over all development of students carriers are guided.
  2. PROMOTION OF HYGIENE AND CLEANLINESS:- Students are encouraged to make habits of hygiene and cleanliness through scout, NCC NSS Women`s Study Cell and swatch Bharat Mission maintaining regular activities of campus classroom cleaning etc.

Best Practice 2019-2020

  1. All staff of institution have given one day salary to Chief Minister`s relief fund and Maximum of male staff served as covid warrior. Female staff takes part in covid relief distribution on behalf of the institution.
  2. On line classes, seminars, workshops are conducted aiming that losses due to absence of direct and classroom teaching may recover.

Best Practice 2021- 2022

Best Practice 2021- 2022

Annual Gender Sensitization Action 2020-2021

 Annual Gender Sensitization Action 2021-2022

Best Practices 2022-2023 - Here


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Mariani College was established in 1966 by the sincerest initiatives of a good numbers of benevolent public and educationists of greater Mariani.


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