A CHINESE proverb says “If you plan for one year ,plant rice ; if you plan for ten years, plant trees and if you plan for one hundred years, educate the people. Thus, the importance of education is universally recognized in a rapidly changing world where knowledge and information are key factors of development and progress. Knowledge is power but , unfortunately there was no institution of higher education in and around MARIANI till sixties of last century. The aspirants of higher education of this region, in those days had to face various difficulties in absence of such an institution. In such a condition MARIANI COLLEGE was established in the year of 1966, with due permission of the Academic council of Dibrugarh University and in the same year Education was also introduced as one of the subjects.

Date of Establishment of Education Department

a)For Pre University Course in 1966

b) For Degree Course in 1967

c) For Arts Section under deficit system on 1-12-1975


To achieve academic excellence by providing value-based, job-oriented and quality-based education by empowering the young minds to be proficient enough to participate skilfully and meaningfully in their personal and community life through a comprehensive curriculum.


The Department seeks to develop in future, a healthy competitive spirit by carving out a roadmap for shaping their personal and professional career. Also, the Department emphasizes to motivate the youths to draw out the best of their potentialities through its various curricular and co-curricular activities

Infrastructure of the Department

Classroom and Laboratory : The department of education is having two rooms , one is used as laboratory cum classroom and the other is used as office. The total floor area of the Department is 590.40 sq ft . 

DEPARTMENTAL LABORATORY :The Department of Education has a laboratory with all necessary apparatus and materials to conduct experiments and tests. The laboratory was established in 1995 and it is attached with the Department Common Room and Library. Prof. Minoti Borthakur is currently in-charge of the Departmental Laboratory

Departmental Library

A library was set up in the department in 2003 for the use of faculty members and students of major classes. The library basically contains text books, besides a few reference books, journals etc. Books are purchased from departmental fund, collected from the faculty members of the department, and ex-students of the College. Total number of books in the departmental library is around 550.

Best Practices of the Department: The Department of Education follows certain practices like team teaching,Seminar, peer teaching, group discussions, question-answers, etc. occasionally with the aim to ensure active participation from the students in the classroom and make teaching-learning more dynamic and flexible.

Evaluation Process

  1. Sessional Examinations(5+5)
  2. Seminars (5)
  3. Home Assignments (5)
  4. Class Test/Unit Test
  5. Group Discussion


List of selected candidates for B.A. 1ST SEMESTER EDUCATION HONOURS








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Mariani College was established in 1966 by the sincerest initiatives of a good numbers of benevolent public and educationists of greater Mariani.


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